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we have emerged as a leader in our product categories in all over India. We have entered, our customers, channel partners and business associates have acknowledged the superiority and high quality of our products and after sale services.

Being a privileged member of the Water Quality Association (WQA) and recipient of the Water Digest Award, we are constantly trying to revolutionize the water purification industry to make clean, pure and healthy drinking water available to one and all. The organization strives by the principle of 'prevention is better than cure' and hence believes in boosting immunity. We are pioneering the OrpH+ technology in India which adds vital minerals to water, thereby assuring good health & better immunity for you and your family.

Pure water? Or Sure healthy water?

Pure drinking water is one of the essentialities of life. But what defines pure when it comes to water? There are countless ROs that purifies the water to the extent that they even remove the essential minerals from the water, lower the pH balance of the water taking it even lower than 7 and decreases the ORP level making it acidic in nature. This kind of water can be called pure because it is devoid of germs, but can it be called healthy? Prolonged usage of acidic water damages even metal piping, think what it can do to the body. Of course, what we all need is a water that,s not only pure but healthy as well and that,s where KCL Water Purifier with futuristic OrpH+ technology comes in.

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